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Some of the fabulous testimonials from participants at the 2009 Fabulous@50 Experience:

Hi Dianna, 

My friend and I attended fabulous@50 on Saturday and were very impressed with all the work you did to pull it together! We were disappointed that you kept such a low profile after all your effort so I wanted to make sure that you are aware that we know who did the organizing and made it happen! It was so much more than we expected - more booths, more people, more gifts in our bags - the list goes on.

We look forward to next year's event!

Thanks again.


Your show on the weekend was Fabulous!

“ Your show on the weekend was fabulous!  I loved the martini samples, the firemen, the entertainment, the Culina salad samples, the various trades represented at your tables.  I loved the humour, and the class which most of the attire reflected.  I really appreciated the genuine appreciation for “real women” and their power. You are really on to something!”

Kris Hendrickson

I will say it again…you did a wonderful event!  I was very impressed as I have been part of many events in my 20 years in various industries in London, Frankfurt and New York.  Also, I have organized numerous events of a very different nature then the one you did so I do know how much work is involved.

I would very much like to be an exhibitor at your next event and I would like to include Even Fabulous at 60……what do you think?


Thanks again for inviting me to your Fabulous event. What a great experience. Lots of quinoa salads being ordered this week!!

Cindy - Culina, Highlands



Testimonials from exhibitors at the 2009 Fabulous@50 Experience:

Fabulous at 50 is a positive event for women of all ages. It is time for an event, like this, to have synergy with women's energy.

Great way to be with other women who are fabulous at 50!

What a terrific inaugural event! The event went off without a hitch, professional and seamless. It was Fabulous @ any age!

I think the method for promoting the event was excellent. I was able to reach my contacts via Facebook etc. A lot of people commented that they saw my alert on it.

"A blast even if you don't drink the martinis".

"Inside every older woman is a younger woman wondering what the hell happened, we can prove it in less then half a Saturday."

It was great venue with lots of options for women for health, fashion, wellness and just plain fun!

Money well spent

Thank you Dianna, it was a great event and I am happy to help you next year, as well as to launch on in McMurray. Be proud of what you have done!!

I will definitely participate in Fabulous@50 again. I have done many shows and this is by far the best run and attended that I have done. Dianna is a genius!

A wonderful opportunity to showcase my business with a group of other successful women women by women.

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